Life Coaching

Daily Support Group

The daily group is held around the kitchen table and it provides a comfortable atmosphere to develop relationships which are trusting and caring. The groups provide emotional support for women as they work through the effects of abuse.

  • The group provides a safe place to talk about the abuse and to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence and the effects it has had on every aspect of her and her children’s lives.

(Please call for times. Some may be adjusted to fit schedules).


  • 10 am Domestic Survivor Group
  • Empowerment- A Healthy Life
  • Women of Faith/Women of Worth @ Corry Library


  • 10 am Domestic Survivor Group
  • Financial Empowerment


  • 10 am Domestic Survivor Group
  • Crossing the Bridge (Self Esteem & Relationships)


  • 10 am Domestic Survivor Group
  • Coffee with Robin (Self-Discovery) Union City
  • Women are Worthy (Empowerment) at The Brazil Nut in Corry


  • 10 am Domestic Survivor Group
  • Corry Counseling Groups by appointment
  • Trauma/ Post Traumatic Stress

Weekend Drug and Alcohol Group

Trauma and addiction often go hand in hand and this group is focused on the connection of substance use and trauma that often plays a significant role in the life of victims of domestic violence. This group opens the door to start understanding the connections which is an important step in the healing process.

Counselors/Advocates are available for evening/weekend appointments for those unable to attended weekday services.

My Journey Workbooks

A personal goal workbook helps to guide women to be more independent. The goals are written down to give them a visualize aide to help better complete their goals.