Welcome to Safe Journey

Hotline Counseling Center

When victims enter the shelter this is the first site they see. This is where the Hotline is answered 24/7.

Calming Cozy Corner

This little room in the shelter is filled with big comfy chairs and it’s a perfect place to talk and relax at any time.


A kitchen is a gathering place in many homes and the support groups are held around this island. It provides tranquility to those gathered here to talk.

Living Room

The shelter environment is warm and accepting and families feel as though they are visiting at a relatives home.The rooms are comfortably furnished and the laundry room is in constant use.


The shelter has eight beds in three-bedrooms with a crib in each room for the women and their children.

Family Activity Center

This room is filled with fun and engaging activities that help build the bond between mother and child.

Client Transportation

Transportation is provided for PFA related services and at times may be available for other appointments such as for medical, legal, social service or housing.


This space is where advocates help to meet the needs of survivors with activities such as assisting survivors with preparing PFA petitions, completing forms for social services and preparing for groups, outreach programs and community presentations.

Resource Room

The resource room is private and serves many purposes such as space for counseling, support groups, trainings and meetings with community and social service agencies.