Counselors and Advocates

Safe Journey staff includes:

The Program/Legal Director.

In addition to supervisory responsibilities, she also assists people with Protection From Abuse Orders and court accompaniment and provides individual and Empowerment Group counseling. One of her favorite things is to find resources that assist survivors in their journeys.

She also assists advocates in preparing materials for groups that fit the specific needs of the survivors. She provides life coaching and individual counseling and her favorite thing is to do groups with survivors.

Counselor Advocates

provide individual, hotline and group counseling services. They provide risk assessment and safety planning, information, referrals, resources, transportation and accompaniment, assistance with various paperwork and forms. They also provide in-depth domestic violence education. They all work together to assist each other in preparing materials for groups that fit the specific needs of the survivors. They provide life coaching and individual counseling.

The Child Advocate

provides individual and group services to walk-in children and those in shelter. The child advocate helps the children understand that they are not responsible for the abuse in their homes and any other feelings they may have. She also provides outreach programs at local schools pertaining to healthy relationships and empowerment. One of her favorite things to do is find the best crafts that the kids will enjoy.

The Family Advocate

works with moms and children to build their relationships that might have been harmed by the violence in their homes. She helps the mother understand how her parenting was affected by the violence and provides the parenting after domestic violence education. She works with the pastoral community to help the faith community understand the causes and effects of domestic violence. One of her favorite things is utilizing the Family Activity Center for further family bonding and healing.

The Medical Advocate

provides training and follow-up technical assistance to strengthen the area’s health care professionals’ response to domestic violence. The training can be adapted to fit the healthcare providers’ schedules and other needs.

The Teen Advocate

provides individual and group counseling services for teens who have witnessed family violence or have experienced teen dating violence. She also provides classroom Teen Dating Violence programs and presentations in the area high/middle schools as well as counseling services in some of those schools and at other outreach sites. She also provided domestic violence training to area employer/workplaces. One of her favorite things is playing cards with survivors.

The Financial Advisor

In additional to providing personal finance basics like budgeting to survivors, the advocate also teaches survivors about how to recover financially from an abusive relationship. She helps them analyze and prepare plans best suited for each individual. She explains ideas in easy-to-understand ways and provides tips and tricks to get more for their money. Clients are given advice on how to manage their money, develop their skills and goals, and guidance to create a plan to attain the goals.